Tips on Keeping Motorcyclists Safe During Annual Ride to Work Day

Posted on June 18, 2012

Motorcycle safety is always an important issue, but today it becomes especially pertinent to look twice for these at-risk drivers.

That’s because today is Ride to Work Day, in which motorcyclists from across the country are called on to ride their motorcycle to and from their place of employment.  The hope is that enthusiasts can show that their vehicles are a safe and viable alternative to driving an automobile.  Today will be the 21st year of the event.  It’s expected that one million or more individuals from across the United States are going to take part in the day’s festivities.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is spreading the word about how to make sure that such riders are afforded safety and respect on the road, and although their rules are ostensibly geared toward their own state, they can apply anywhere.  They’re requesting that drivers give motorcycles ample space when driving behind such conveyances and that they look twice when turning or switching lanes.  Signals should always be used, and blind spots should receive special attention.

Motorcyclists are also being asked to comply with safety requirements.  To mitigate dangers, such persons are being advised to wear helmets and other protective gear, heed all traffic laws, and utilize reflective tape and bright colors.

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