Spices Exclusive to California Recalled By Santos Over Allergy Risk

Posted on June 6, 2012

Certain products under the Santos Brands banner have been recalled, as the products might in fact contain undeclared peanuts and wheat.  Anyone with an allergy to these items who consumes the products in question could face a serious or even deadly reaction.

The various products that fall within the purview of the recall were packed in the United States and distributed to markets throughout California between May of last year and May of this year.  They were not available in any other states.

The bags potentially containing the undeclared wheat and peanuts lack UPC codes, expiration dates and lot codes. There’s no way to easily distinguish the product, so any consumers with the item are being advised to check for the logo, which is a house in between two columns.  This logo also says the word “Santos.”  The items were available in clear plastic bags.

People allergic to peanut and wheat should avoid using any of the products.  Affected items range from cinnamon sticks to fennel seed, garbanzo beans, ginger powder, and more. It should be noted that, should the product in fact have a UPC code, or a label which states that the item was packed in India, it is not affected by the recall.  For a refund, consumers can return the product directly to the Santos Agency.

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