Shock and Fire Hazards Prompt Bel Air Lighting To Recall Lanterns

Posted on June 19, 2012

Nearly a hundred thousand units of an electrical item are being recalled because of the threat the product poses to consumer safety.

The recall was announced by the Valencia, California-based Bel Air Lighting and concerns their outdoor wall mount lanterns.  Produced in China by the Zhongshan De Gao Lighting Company and the Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Company, these items attach to a wall by way of a question mark-shaped piece of rust-colored cast aluminum.  They were available at various lighting retail locations, as well as at Lowe’s.  At the former, they have an item number of 44181, and at Lowe’s, they were branded as Portfolio lights and have an item number of 253366.

99,700 lights are affected by the recall, which was initiated because of a defect with the items’ internal wiring that could cause a short circuit.  Although no injuries have been reported in conjunction with this burn and shock risk, there have been seven reported occurrences of a defect taking place, two of which ended with the unit being set ablaze.

The items were sold across the country at the aforementioned retail locations between June 2006 and last month.  They ran customers about $48.  Anyone who thinks they are in possession of this item is advised to unplug the lights and contact Bel Air directly to get the item replaced for free.

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