Samsonite Luggage Recalled From Hong Kong For Possible Contamination

Posted on June 18, 2012

A product has been recalled in China by an American company responsible for distributing products across the world.

The recall was announced by Samsonite and concerns a piece of luggage with the brand name Tokyo Chic.  The recall will affect those suitcases that were available in Hong Kong.  A chemical threat is to blame for this particular recall.

At issue is the potential for these suitcases to be contaminated with heightened levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, the presence of which might lead to a user developing cancer.  The danger arises from these chemicals’ potential presence in the handle of the Tokyo Chic suitcase.

Last week, the Hong Kong Consumer Council reported that the levels of PAHs were too high under voluntary German certification standards.  However, Samsonite have themselves said that there exists no threat.  They stated that they initiated testing into the suitcases, and that their testing did not turn up levels of PAHs that were higher than was acceptable.

As such, they advise that individuals with the product in their possession can continue to use it.  However, because of concerns that were laid out in the report, they decided to  recall the product from those retail locations where the suitcases were still on the shelf.  Samsonite also said that anyone who was worried about safety could get their handles replaced.

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