Roadside Construction Projects Can Compromise Bicycle Safety

Posted on June 11, 2012

With summer weather here for the foreseeable future, citizens across the country can expect road construction projects to be put into full force.  And a new report casts a light on those persons who might be affected the most by such projects:  bicyclists.

When a construction project is taking place on the right side of a road, it is almost necessarily going to compromise a biker’s ability to stay over as far as they possibly can.  As such, drivers themselves have to give bikes the necessary cushion and not roar past them in order to get ahead.  But construction companies can also do what they can to protect such individuals.

The city of Watsonville, for instance, has a set of guidelines in place that companies are advised to follow.  Typical construction projects must place “Road Work Ahead” signs all along the path leading toward a work site, and in instances where bike lanes are compromised, “Share the Road” and “Bike Lane Closed Ahead” await riders and drivers.

But some concerned citizens worry that this isn’t going far enough, and that oftentimes such signage is in short supply or else placed along blind curves, not prompting the rider early enough on their commute.  Such persons want more of a heads-up.  The Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission prefers to see signs that say something like “Bikes May Use Full Lane,” as this more accurately describes upcoming obstacles.

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