Road Check 2012 Cracks Down on Commercial Vehicle Violations

Posted on June 4, 2012

All commercial drivers be forewarned:  authorities are going to be on the lookout this week for any violations of safety rules and regulations.

A new report, which ostensibly focuses on the city of Tuscon, Arizona, but is also appropriate for the rest of the country, details how inspectors are going to be out in full force as part of an operation known as “Road Check.”  This countrywide initiative will see inspectors at the local, state, and federal level deployed to more than 1,500 bus and truck inspection stations across the nation from June 5 through June 8.  Anyone who is stopped and inspected can expect to receive what’s known as a North American Standard Level I inspection.

There are a few issues that safety inspectors are going to be paying attention to in particular.  First, officials are going to be on the lookout for any driver breaking his or her hours-of-service regulations.  This failure to comply with the rules can cause driver fatigue, a very serious problem affecting our nation’s roads.  In addition, inspectors are targeting those persons whose brakes have not been properly maintained and repaired.  Finally, authorities will be paying particular attention to any other equipment that might have fallen out of compliance with regulated safety standards.

The annual event will take place over 72 hours, and 10,000 inspectors plan to take part.

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