Report Offers Safety Tips on Riding Bicycles in Groups

Posted on June 22, 2012

With summer finally here, numerous websites are offering tips on how to stay safe when engaged in various outdoor activities.  And today comes a new report talking about how to be safe while on a bike.

Specifically, the safety tips are geared toward those cyclists who ride with like-minded individuals, in races and other similar circumstances.  The first thing they advise is traveling in a straight line, while taking care to glance over your shoulder when you do need to drift to one side or the other.  When approaching a corner, individuals should similarly be sure to scope out their blind spot to make sure that they’re not about to hit another rider.  On turns, slow down, brake, and then release when about to make the turn so that you can immediately get back up to speed.

When riding in a group outside of race situations, the report advises traveling next to another individual instead of having one person traveling behind the other.  When a rider’s back wheel is lined up next to a front wheel, a crash becomes a distinct possibility should the two wheels accidentally collide.

A couple other safety tips involve being able to grab your water bottle without having to look to be able to do it, and downshifting when forced to stop or slow down.  That way, acceleration is easier once you start up again.

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