Red Bluff Police Crack Down on Drivers Who Endanger Motorcycles

Posted on June 26, 2012

Motorcycle safety continues to be an important topic, so it’s always nice to see communities from across the state do their part to help promote safe driving practices.

The city of Red Bluff, California, was the site of the Red Bluff Police Department’s Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation on June 16.  Designed to help lower the rate of crashes that lead to injuries or death, the enforcement effort saw police officials going to those locales that could be considered high-motorcycle traffic areas, as well as the places where crashes of those vehicles are inordinately high.

The effort was made so that the city could continue a trend of lessened motorcycle fatalities rates that has swept through California in recent years.  In 2010, motorcycle fatalities were 37% lower than they had been just two years prior, and the police department hopes that a combination of enforcement and education can make those numbers improve even further.

As far as education goes, Red Bluff Police are also warning motorists to always check for motorcycles, give proper distance, and to signal appropriately when about to make some sort of driving maneuver.  And motorcyclists should wear proper safety gear, ride only in safe weather conditions, and do whatever they can to promote their own visibility.

Red Bluff intends to hold another safety day at an undisclosed date in July.

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