Paccar Recalls 13 Kenworth T680s With Flammable Bunk Restraints

Posted on June 8, 2012

A potential fire hazard has caused the recall of yet another vehicle.

This time, the vehicle in question is the Kenworth T680, and the recall was announced by Paccar Incorporated, the manufacturer of the vehicle.  Each of the affected vehicles is of the 2013 model year and came equipped with a 76 inch sleeper.  This sleeper comes with bunk restraints that will be either tan or grey in color.  A relatively small 13 vehicles in total are affected by the recall.

At issue is the fact that these vehicles are out of compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302.  This standard sets requirements that vehicles are required to maintain as it relates to the flammability of objects on the interior of a conveyance.  The vehicles’ that fall within the purview of the recall contain material that is in fact flammable, specifically, the aforementioned bunk restraints.  With an ignition source present, this component of the Kenworth could catch fire and pose a danger to any passengers.

Vehicle owners can expect to receive a notification from Paccar.  This notice should go out in July.  Once that notice goes out, owners will be able to get bunk restraints that do not pose the same flammability danger.  These will be installed by Paccar.

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