Orphaned Construction Signs Could Threaten Driver Safety

Posted on June 11, 2012

It’s a situation that has likely happened to everyone if they’ve spent a significant amount of time on the roads:  you’re driving along and you see signs alerting you to construction in the area, perhaps even asking you to reduce your speed so as not to compromise a worker’s safety.  But then you look around, and not only are there no workers, but there’s not even construction equipment or any other indication that work is being carried out.

In certain instances, this can actually pose a safety hazard, according to a new report.  A spokesperson for the Oklahoma Transportation Department stated that signs alerting individuals to a road closure are, not surprisingly, meant to protect workers or warn drivers of some other hazard.  But when these signs are inaccurate, it needs to be corrected.  He recommends contacting the DOT if on a highway or local authorities if on a city street.  This should be done once the vehicle is stopped.

Just because construction materials aren’t immediately noticeable, though, doesn’t mean that such signage has always simply been misplaced.  Oftentimes, there will be a lull in construction, or a break between phases of a project.  At such times, signs are required to be left up.  Signs must also remain until an inspection can be carried out and an approval given on the project.

So next time you see an orphaned construction sign, it’s best not to immediately jump to judgment.

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