Orlando Spotlights Pedestrian Safety With “Best Foot Forward”

Posted on June 4, 2012

Owing to the fact that recent reports have pegged it as the most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians, Orlando is launching measures designed to cut down on both pedestrian accidents and improve the way the area is perceived.

The new initiative is going by the moniker “Best Foot Forward.”  A far-reaching partnership between the Winter Park Health Foundation, Orlando Health, Bike Walk Central Florida, and various other governmental agencies was responsible for putting the movement together.  Officials with these groups are hoping that this new safety-conscious program could reduce pedestrian crashes by 10% every year for five years and hopefully beyond.

Authorities hope to achieve this by utilizing improvements in the roads themselves that can make routes safer for pedestrians, better enforcing laws already in place, and by putting forth various educational materials to bring awareness to the topic.  Officials say that one of the biggest things that must happen for success to be achieved is a change in behavior among drivers and pedestrians alike.  As far as construction efforts, the installation of medians and lighting could, officials believe, go a long way.

Transportation For America recently named Orlando’s metro area as the most dangerous for pedestrians.  This was due to an average two injuries per day and one fatality every week.  This has added up to a staggering 730 injuries every year, along with 45 people killed.

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