Nascar Water Bottle Incident Illustrates Need to Secure Belongings

Posted on June 25, 2012

When out driving on the road, danger can hit when you least expect it.  And as this next story illustrates, even the most mundane-seeming detriments to safety can have serious consequences.

During Nascar’s recent Road America race, a unique problem presented itself to one of the drivers:  a water bottle had rolled beneath the pedals of the vehicle.  The driver attempted to retrieve the water bottle so that he could place it back into the cup holder from which it fell, but that task proved more difficult than he initially thought.

A pit stop ensued shortly thereafter, and the pit crew jumped into action.  One of the members of that crew actually dove into the window to retrieve the water bottle, but even that individual found it exceedingly difficult to dislodge the item from beneath the pedals.  Another crew member had to come around the other side of the car to assist further, with the pit stop totaling more than a minute long when all was said and done.

Even though the pit stop was longer than usual, the driver ended up finishing in tenth place.

This incident happened during a sports event, but it could nevertheless happen to any one of us, and unfortunately, most people traveling in vehicles would not be considered professional drivers.  As such, everyone should understand the danger that exists from loose items and secure everything inside their automobile accordingly.

Check out the video below:

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