Mom Files Complaint After Judge Orders Her to Cut Daughter’s Hair

Posted on June 25, 2012

Some judges from across the country have received a bit of notoriety for the odd punishments they’ve dished out for individuals receiving a sentence.  But as this next story demonstrates, there are certain people out there that think some of these unorthodox methods go a little too far.

In Utah, the mother of a 13 year old girl has filed a complaint with the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission.  The mother alleges that she was intimidated by a judge who offered to reduce her daughter’s sentence if the mother elected to cut off her daughter’s ponytail with a pair of scissors.  The mother obliged at the time, but is now saying you shouldn’t teach kids that getting even is the right thing course of action and that she only agreed because the judge intimidated her.

The unusual option was offered by the judge given the circumstances of the case that brought the 13 year old girl before the court in the first place.  The girl was in court following an incident in which police claimed she and her friend cut the hair of a three year old at a local McDonald’s.

The judge ordered the girl to 276 hours of community service and to spend a month in detention.  However, if the mother agreed to cut the accused’s hair as mentioned, then the judge vowed to reduce the number of community service hours by 150.  The victim’s mother reportedly supported the alternative punishment.

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