Middlesex Distracted Driving Campaign Aims to Educate Violators

Posted on June 26, 2012

Although many communities from across the country are doing what they can to get drivers to stop driving while distracted, certain locales have launched initiatives that are more detailed and complex than others.

On June 15, officials from Old Bridge, East Brunswick, and Middlesex County in New Jersey got together to announce a multi-phase safety campaign being referred to as “Don’t Drive Dangerously.”  This campaign aims to educate all drivers in the area on the dangers of using any sort of electronic device for any reason while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The first phase places a serious emphasis on driver education.  A number of groups created to promote traffic safety will be dispersing to high schools in the area to inform that most at-risk demographic about the dangers that exist with driving while distracted.

In conjunction with this educational initiative, police will be out in full force cracking down on distracted drivers until September 3.  What’s somewhat unique about their efforts, though, is that anyone who is cited for distracted driving will have the opportunity to go to a website that contains a short video about safe driving.  If the violator watches said video and correctly answers a series of questions, they will be able to opt out of paying the citation.

Phase II starts September 3, and at that time, drivers won’t have the option to opt out, and will instead have to heed their traffic summons.

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