Mercedes Recalls 3,613 4Matic Vehicles For Loss of Control Defect

Posted on June 20, 2012

It seems like every day brings more vehicle recalls, and today is no different.

Due to a potentially faulty connecting rod in the rear suspension system responsible for load leveling, certain E350 4Matic Wagon Vehicles are being recalled by Mercedes Benz.   All vehicles being recalled by the car manufacturer are of model years between 2007 and 2009.  A total of 3,613 vehicles could suffer from the issue that compromises vehicle safety.

If the aforementioned rod fails, it can severely impede the driver’s ability to control his or her vehicle while on the road.  This greatly increases the likelihood of a crash taking place.

Owners that are affected by the recall will get a free inspection and have the affected rod replaced, if needed, without any cost being incurred by the consumer.  This will take place once Mercedez gets in touch with all affected owners.  The notification should be sent out at some point in August, but there is as of yet no word on a date more specific than that at which consumers can expect to receive the alert.  The owners of the vehicles are also being encouraged to contact Mercedes-Benz directly should they seek more information.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can also be contacted with any concerns or questions.

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