Massachusetts Teen Convicted of Motor Vehicle Homicide by Texting

Posted on June 7, 2012

In what’s sure to be a landmark texting while driving case with far-reaching implications, a teenager has been the first person ever to be convicted under Massachusetts law for motor vehicle homicide by texting.

The initial incident took place way back on February 20 of last year.  It was then that the convicted individual was piloting his vehicle down local Haverhill Street and the automobile reportedly drifted past the center dividing line.  The vehicle crashed directly into a truck going in the other direction.

The driver of the truck died shortly thereafter, and defense attorneys failed to make the case that the crash did not lead to the fatality.  The sister of the victim stated that severe head trauma sustained in the crash ensured the driver’s dead.  The accused testified that he had his phone on the seat next to him and wasn’t texting, but rather was distracted by looming homework.

That argument failed to hold water.  The teen was charged with a litany of offenses, including negligent operation of a motor vehicle, motor vehicle homicide, using a mobile phone while operating a vehicle, and a lanes violation.

This story truly illustrates how dangerous texting while driving can be, and it shows that the action can have repercussions for everyone involved in a crash, from the people injured to those who caused the accident.  Human life is far too delicate to needlessly compromise by sending a text.

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