Load Specification Error Leads to Shasta Revere RV Recall

Posted on June 15, 2012

An incorrect label has led to the recall of another vehicle, although a relatively small number of units are affected by this potential safety issue.

The recall was announced by Forest River and concerns their Shasta Revere Recreational Vehicles of the 2012 and 2013 model years.  Only seven vehicles fall within the purview of this particular recall, and each of these RVs will have a model number of SHT27BH.

At issue is an error on the label that provides tire information as well as on the label that provides information pertaining to federal certification.  These labels have a section that displays the proper specifications for cargo-carrying ability and gross vehicle weight rating.  Since what is stated on the label is in fact inaccurate, the RVs don’t meet the minimum standards which govern certification of the vehicles.

If a consumer were to obey the false directive on these labels, they run the risk of loading their vehicle up with more weight than it is able to safely handle.  This excess weight could lead to a broken axle or a burst tire, and if such an occurrence takes place while driving, the owner could experience a crash situation.

The owners of these RVs should receive a notification from Forest River in the mail that also includes the corrected label.  Consumers can affix this label to correct the problem.  No word as of yet as to when this label is going to be sent out.

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