Inadequate Pasteurization Prompts Minnesota Whipping Cream Recall

Posted on June 4, 2012

A food product is being recalled due to the potential danger the item could pose to consumers.

The item in question is a form of heavy whipping cream produced by the Solway, Minnesota-based Blackstar Dairy.  The item, which was distributed by Trudeau Distribution, was only available in retail stores through Minnesota.  All versions of the affected product will have a sell-by date of June 17 stamped on the cream’s label, which consists of a black cow and the words “Blackstar Dairy,” “Milk Nature’s Way,” and “Heavy Whipping Cream.”

While conducting a test of a sample of the product, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture determined that the recalled item is at risk of having not been pasteurized correctly.  This process is essential to safety, as it kills bacteria by heating the cream to a certain temperature and thus mitigating the risk that a person consuming bottled milk or other dairy products could become sick.  Without proper pasteurization, there could be a danger to consumer safety.

According to Blackstar, around 400 pints are affected by the recall.  Thankfully, there have been no illnesses reported in conjunction with the heavy cream as of yet.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has iterated their plans to visit retail locations this month to verify adherence to the recall and spread further information as needed.

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