Governor’s Signature Makes Ohio Texting Ban Official

Posted on June 1, 2012

Ohio is the latest state to make a ban on texting while driving official.

In Columbus today, the governor of that state signed the bill into law while surrounded by people who lost family members in crashes brought about by someone texting at the wheel.  The measure, which will go into effect in three months, makes Ohio the 39th state to put such a ban on the books.  In addition to the texting ban, people younger than 18 will be required not to use a cellular device in any manner, including talking or sending an email.

The bill makes the act of texting while driving a minor misdemeanor and a secondary offense, which means that it can’t be the impetus for a police official pulling the citizen over.  Anyone caught breaking the law and pulled over for something else could find themselves with an additional $150 penalty tacked on.

For teenagers, though, a cell phone violation is a primary offense, meaning that the individual could be pulled over just for using their cellular device in some way.  Not only would teenagers be slapped with a $150 fine, but they would also have their license suspended for 60 days.  Those numbers increase if the teen is caught again, with $300 levied against such persons, as well as a year long suspension.

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