Gear Defect Prompts Recall of Over 50,000 Honda Civics

Posted on June 13, 2012

Another automobile is being recalled because of the threat that it may pose to consumer safety.

This time, the vehicle in question is the Honda Civic of the 2012 model year, and the recall was announced by American Honda Motors through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.  A whopping 50,000-plus vehicles fall within the purview of this particular recall.

At issue is a driveshaft within the vehicles that could pose a safety hazard.  There is a risk that this component was not installed properly by the manufacturer, thus posing a defect wherein the driveshaft itself can become separated.  If this adverse event were to occur, a driver might not be able to shift their vehicle into a requested gear.  That’s not the only danger, though.  If the driver places the car in the parked position, it might not in fact register as parked and can thus roll down an embankment.  This can only be avoided if the parking brake is applied.

Thankfully, no one has reported being injured because of this defect.  Affected owners can expect to receive some sort of notification from Honda by late next week.  When that happens, consumers will be able to take their vehicles to a local dealer to have the issue fixed for free.

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