Fisker Recalls Additional 2012 Karma Vehicles For Fire Hazard

Posted on June 8, 2012

A small number of Fisker Karmas of the 2012 model year have been recalled due to problems with the high voltage battery hose clamps.  These components of the vehicle may have been incorrectly positioned upon installation, which could lead to the battery compartment cover interfering with them.  It’s possible that this could in turn cause the cooling hoses to leak coolant out of the component.  If this coolant leaks into the battery compartment, then an electrical short becomes a distinct possibility.  This could  create a fire in the vehicle that could endanger anyone who happens to be inside at the time.

19 vehicles in total are affected by the recall.  Each of those automobiles were produced between September 22 of last year and January 20 of this year.  There was a previous recall on such vehicles, and this latest announcement is an expansion of that one, which had a recall number of 11V-598.

Owners of the affected vehicles should not drive or even charge the electric vehicle.  They should have received a notice from Fisker at some point in May.  Such consumers can bring the automobiles in to the dealer, but arrangements should be made with that dealer so that the vehicle can be towed instead of driven.  The entire battery will likely be replaced as part of the repairs.

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