Fire Hazard Prompts Frigidaire to Recall 185 Gas Range Ovens

Posted on June 20, 2012

The threat of a fire endangering consumers has led to the recall of yet another product.

The product in question is a self cleaning gas range produced by Frigidaire, a company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The recall affects those ovens that have a model number of LGGF3043KFM and serial numbers between VF20457216 and VF20457555.  Consumers can identify these numbers by looking beneath the oven door on the righthand side.  The item has five burners and is made of stainless steel.

185 units in total fall within the purview of this recall.  At issue is the fact that these items have a bake or broil feature that doesn’t work properly.  The ignition for these specific functions is delayed, creating a fire hazard that could harm consumers.  One such occurrence has been reported to the company, although thankfully no one was hurt at that time.

These ovens were only sold at Lowe’s between February and March of this year.  They retailed from $800 to $1,000.  Anyone in possession of this item is being advised not to cease using the product entirely, but to just avoid baking or broiling anything.  If affected persons contact Frigidaire directly, they will be able to get an inspection and have a technician come repair the range for free.

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