Drivers Can View Upcoming Hazards on TVs at Colorado Truck Stops

Posted on June 12, 2012

The state of Colorado is taking steps to improve safety along highways.

They’re doing so thanks to the joint efforts of the Colorado Department of Transportation, Walmart, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, and various truck stops around the state.  These organizations have teamed up to place 20 high definition televisions in truck stops along the state’s roads.  The DOT has video cameras positioned along highways throughout Colorado, and these cameras will stream video directly to the 42 inch televisions.

The hope is that any truckers passing through the area will be able to view in real time any potential hazards that could be coming up on the road.  The feeds, which require software to be installed in order for things to operate smoothly, will provide truckers with information on construction, road closures, automobile accidents, traffic snarls, hazardous weather, and more.  Drivers would then be able to use this information to alter their routes and plans accordingly.

Walmart Transportation was responsible for donating the monitors.  The initiative was started last week, when officials from the various companies involved met up at Johnson’s Corner Truckstop.  Positioned along Interstate 25, the location is one of the biggest truck stops in the state.  In addition to the installation of the monitors in this location, the system will be placed in Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Commerce City, and more.

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