Defective Water Heater Prompts Watkins to Recall 5,600 Hot Tubs

Posted on June 29, 2012

A product filled with water is being recalled because it nevertheless poses a fire hazard.

The recall was announced by Watkins Manufacturing, otherwise known as Hot Spring Spas and Limelight Hot Tubs, a company based out of Vista, California.  11 types of the branded hot tub fall within the scope of the recall, and every one of the products that poses a danger will have a No-Fault Water Heater from the San Bernardino-based Therm Products.  5,600 hot tubs in total are potentially affected by this recall.

The problem has to do with an electrical connection inside the water heater.  This connection could be loose, and if it is, overheating can occur and a fire could be set ablaze.  This would obviously be hazardous to users and property.  31 complaints have already been made to the company regarding the overheating issue.  In five of those complaints, a fire actually erupted, but thankfully no one was hurt in those incidents.

These spas were sold at various dealers across the country between March of last year and March of this year.  They cost consumers $6,000 to $12,000, depending on the model that was purchased.  Anyone who owns one of these spas should cut power to the product and not use it under any circumstances.  Watkins or a dealer should be contacted to set up a free replacement installation service.

Watkins intends to get in touch with consumers who bought the product.

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