Defective Brake Treadle Valve Prompts Blue Bird to Recall 13 Buses

Posted on June 22, 2012

Another vehicle recall has been issued because of the threat to safety that the units could pose.

This latest recall was announced by the Blue Bird Body Company and concerns a certain number of their All American School Buses of the 2013 model year.  Each of the buses, which were produced between this past December 9 and March 9, have a defective aftermarket brake treadle valve installed.  13 units in total fall within the scope of the recall.

There are two issues that can result from the defective valve.  First, when a person applies the brakes, the plunger on the valve can fracture, which could possibly lead the driver to not be able to put the full amount of pressure down on the brake.  The second problem also involves the brake plunger; basically, it can become stuck in one position, which wouldn’t allow the driver to let go of the brakes.  Each of these issues could lead to a loss of control and braking ability and a subsequent crash.

A-Z Bus Sales were responsible for selling these buses and the aforementioned valve, and it is this dealer that has taken it upon themselves to replace the units.  Affected consumers should expect to receive some type of notification on June 29.  All repairs will be conducted without cost to the vehicle’s owner.

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