CPSC Emphasizing Pool Safety During Independence Day Holiday

Posted on June 29, 2012

Earlier this week, we heard the Consumer Product Safety Commission spread the word about the danger of fire over the Fourth of July, so I suppose it’s only apt that we hear about the danger from water as well.

The CPSC wants people to understand the threat of drowning that presents itself on Independence Day, when numerous families engage in swimming activities to celebrate.  To that end, the agency is sharing a variety of statistics.  Last year, 25 children younger than 15 were reported to be involved in some sort of drowning situation over the holiday, up one from the previous 4th of July.  That makes up a substantial chunk of the 390 or so kids in that age range involved in drownings annually.  And when you take into account the 5,200 kids that have to be rushed to an emergency room due to almost drowning, the statistics become even more sinister.

This Independency Day, stop tragedy before it starts by following the CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign slogan:  Simple Steps Save Lives.  Supervise your children at all times, and have a phone at the ready in the event of an emergency.

In addition, make sure you know how to swim, and that your child does too.  You might also consider learning CPR and other emergency techniques that could come in handy in a near-drowning situation.  And if you yourself have a pool, always take necessary precautions.  This includes installing a fence, covering the pool when not in use, and keeping rescue equipment on hand.

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