Collins Recalls 238 School Buses For Wheelchair Lift Defect

Posted on June 14, 2012

A defect that has affected a number of vehicles produced by a variety of companies has reared its head once again.

This time, the vehicles being recalled due to the defect are the Super Bantam, Grand Bantam, Mid Bus Grand Guide, and Mid Bus Super Guide of model years between 2008 and 2010.  All of these vehicles are school buses that were created between February 21, 2008 and September 21, 2010.  They were manufactured by the Collins Bus Corporation.  A total of 238 buses fall within the scope of the recall.

The aforementioned defect has to do with the Braun Century-2 wheelchair lifts that were placed on the vehicles.  This component has a defect wherein the outer barrier’s roll stop latches can become bent out of shape.  This occurs after extensive use of the lift.  The roll stop latch could then get in the way of a wheelchair occupant who is boarding or disembarking from the bus, posing an injury hazard should the lift be placed in the elevated position.  An individual could roll over this latch, fall and get hurt.

Owners can expect to receive a notification about the issue as early as next week.  At that point, they’ll be able to bring their buses in to a Braun dealer to get the issue fixed.  All of this will be completed without cost to the consumer.

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