CE and RE Buses Recalled By Navistar For Faulty Roof Hatch

Posted on June 27, 2012

I have yet another vehicle recall to report to you, this time concerning a small set of vehicles that could endanger consumers should an emergency present itself.

Navistar has issued a recall for some of their IC Buses, specifically models CE and RE of the model years 2012 and 2013. Each of the vehicles in question were produced after April 1 of last year and before April 1of this year.  A relatively scant 44 buses are the focus of this recall.

These buses have a Prolo Roof Hatch that has the potential to be faulty.  Due to increased friction, the opening force of this component exceeds the limits imposed by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 217, which governs window release, retention, and emergency exits.  This issue could leave passengers with the inability to vacate the vehicle properly in an emergency situation.  At those times where it’s critical to exit the buses in an expedient manner, this defect could force passengers to incur an avoidable injury.

The recall is set to launch on August 20, when owners can expect to receive an alert from Navistar. Concerned owners may contact the company with any questions.  A service kit will be dispersed to owners and vehicle dealers by Specialty Manufacturing.  This will be done at no cost to consumers.

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