Blue Bird Recalls 11 Buses With Faulty Emergency Exit Hatches

Posted on June 19, 2012

Today marks the second time that I’m bringing to you news of a recall caused by an issue involving the emergency exits on a series of buses.

This time, there has been a recall issued by the Blue Bird Corporation on their All American and Vision buses of the 2012 model year.  Neither of the models of buses affected by the recall are school buses.  The buses in question were manufactured between May 20 and October 20 of 2011 (the recall notice actually says October 2012, but that is likely inaccurate as October 2012 is in the future).  11 buses in total could potentially have the safety issue.

The problem is with the rear plate assemblies and pop-up supports on the Prolo roof hatches that came equipped on these vehicles.  Produced by Specialty Manufacturing, these roof hatches could hinder an emergency escape from the bus, thus contributing to a possible injury to anyone inside. The amount of friction between certain components is too great, therefore causing a heightened opening force that is not in keeping with federal motor vehicle standards.

Blue Bird is notifying owners of the issue while Specialty Manufacturing has announced their intentions to supply owners and dealers alike with repair kits that should be able to remedy the safety defect.  Thursday is the likely date at which the recall will take place.

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