Beachwood Getting Tough on Distracted Drivers

Posted on June 26, 2012

With the threat of distracted driving more prevalent than ever before, it’s always nice to be able to report on a community that is doing what it can to prevent drivers from engaging in this dangerous practice.

Beachwood, Ohio, is the latest city to promote an end to distracted driving by issuing a ban on all handheld cellphone use.  Set to be put into place on July 19, anyone caught manipulating a cellphone in any way, be it to text or simply chat, will be slapped with a citation.  That citation will carry a $101 price tag and put two points on a driver’s license.

The Beachwood Chief of Police had waited until Ohio’s state law was passed before he proposed a local ordinance.  The state law, though not as strict, allows local communities to make their own cellphone ban should they feel like their community would benefit from a more rigid ban.  Whereas in other parts of Ohio, only people under 18 can be pulled over for using a handheld cellphone, Beachwood drivers of all ages could receive a citation.

One request made by the Beachwood City Council attempts to inform drivers of the stricter regulations being put in place.  Council members asked that the city limits would have signs installed alerting incoming drivers to the handheld cellphone ban.

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