Axle Defect Prompts Recall of 2,100 Tricruiser Adult Tricycles

Posted on June 21, 2012

Another product is being recalled because of the threat to safety that it poses.

The product in question is the Tricruiser Electric-Powered Adult Tricycle, and the recall was announced by the Chatsworth, California-based Currie Technologies.  The trikes, which were manufactured in China by the Acetrikes Industrial Company, are branded as eZip or iZip and have a basket fit in place behind the user.  Serial numbers can be found beneath the handlebars, and consumers should be on the lookout for numbers between ACB06L00001 and ACB10H99999.

2,100 tricycles are encompassed by the scope of this recall, which was initiated because the trike’s rear axle is in danger of breaking.  If this happens, one of the rear wheels would come loose from the bike and potentially cause the trike’s rider to fall.  Six reports of this very thing happening have come to the firm’s attention, and in five of those instances, scrapes and bruises were the result.

These tricycles were available for purchase at various bike dealers across the country, where they sold from $850 to $1,120.  Consumers could have bought them between March 2007 and March of this year.  They were also sold at Walmart’s website.

Anyone who owns this product should cease using it until they can get in touch with Currie Technologies.  Currie has stated their intention to replace the defective components at no cost to the consumer.

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