45,000 Kawasaki Drills Sold at Costco Recalled For Burn Risk

Posted on June 29, 2012

Another item is being recalled because consumers are put at risk when they use it.

The item in question is a Kawasaki Cordless Drill manufactured by the Wuxi, China-based Wuxi Xinju Electric Tools and imported by the Long Beach, California-based Alltrade Tools, the company that announced the recall.  Affected units will be black and green, have a model number of 691761, and come with a 19.2 volt battery pack.  45,000 units in total fall within the scope of this recall.

At issue is a defect with the trigger switches on the items.  This component is in danger of experiencing a short, and if this happens, heat can build up in that vicinity.  If a user then touches that part of the drill, he or she could be burned.  One person has already reported sustaining a minor burn, and 32 additional complaints have flooded in to the company.

These drills were a Costco exclusive.  They were sold all across the country between May of last year and February of this year, when they retailed for around 50 bucks.  Anyone who has the item in their possession is being advised to cease drilling anything.  Such persons can go to a website set up by Alltrade and register their item.  Once they do this, a new drill should be shipped to those persons free of cost.

Alltrade has also announced their intention to contact anyone who bought the drill.

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