440 Keystone RVs Recalled Due to Potential Laceration Hazard

Posted on June 7, 2012

Inadvertent failure to affix Gimp molding to the metal around the holding tank valves has led to the recall of Vantage Recreational Vehicles of the 2012 and 2013 model years.  The recall was announced by the manufacturer, Keystone RV Companies.  A total of 440 units are affected by this recall.

Gimp molding is used to protect users who need to to access the holding tank valves.  A lack of this protective molding could result in the user getting lacerations up and down their hands or arms while trying to reach through the access opening to operate the valves.  The access cut-out has sharp edges that poses an immediate hazard if gimp molding isn’t utilized.

Keystone has stated their intentions to notify all owners who might be affected by the issue.  This should occur at some point before the end of this month.  Once the owners are contacted, they can expect to receive a free installation of the protective molding in the area of the vehicles that poses the aforementioned threat. These necessary repairs will be conducted by an authorized dealer.  Owners are also being advised that they can get in touch with Keystone directly with any additional questions concerns.  The recall number being used is 12-175.

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