405 Recliners Sold By Fingerhut Recalled for Lead Paint Hazard

Posted on June 22, 2012

A recall has been issued on yet another product that could pose a danger to consumers who come into contact with it.

Recliners manufactured by the Xiamen Xinzhjheng Foam Products Company are being recalled by their importer, the Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Bluestem Brands, and the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Tone World International.  These paisley recliners come with wooden legs and a foot rest that can be extended from the chair.   The aforementioned manufacturer will have their name printed on a label beneath the chair.  These recliners were typically sold via Fingerhut catalogs, as well as their website and a website known as Gettington.com between July 2011 and last January.

The chairs are being recalled due to a violation of lead paint standards mandated by the government.  The legs of these chairs were painted with a type of paint that had heightened levels of lead.  No injuries have been reported as a result of this lead paint, but since a danger is still posed, the recall was initiated.

Consumers are being advised to get in touch with Tone World International to obtain free replacement legs and installation instructions that should spell out how you can detach the old legs and put in the new ones.  A total of 405 chairs fall within the purview of this recall.

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