321 Motor Coaches Recalled Due to Fire Hazard Posed By LEDs

Posted on June 8, 2012

A number of vehicles are being recalled because of the fire hazard that a certain component in said vehicles could pose.

The recall was announced by Motor Coach Industries and affects the D4000, the D4500, and the D4505 Motor Coaches produced by the company.  The D4000 and the D4500 models affected are of model years between 2009 and 2011, while the D4505 only experiences the potential defect if it’s of the 2010 model year.  312 units in total are affected by the recall.

Each of the recalled vehicles will have a Vansco or IO Multiplex System which powers the vehicle’s interior LED lights.  The recall was necessitated once it was discovered that these LEDs draw too much power than is considered safe.  This excess of power could cause the area between the connector and the fuse block to overheat.  This has the potential to cause components to begin melting.  This can create even more burning and subsequent damage, and there’s a chance that the fire could spread further.

Owners can expect to receive notification from Motor Coach Industries at some point this month.  At that point, the vehicles can be brought in to a dealer to receive a free repair.  The repair will consist of the replacement of the defective wiring with wiring that does not pose the same safety issue.

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