Wheelchair Lift Defect Leads Coach to Recall 1,627 Phoenix Buses

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A number of vehicles are being recalled for an issue that might be familiar to those persons who follow recalls closely.

Coach & Equipment has issued a recall on a number of Phoenix transit buses that had Braun Century-2 or Vista-2 wheelchair lifts installed onboard.  Each of the transit buses will be of a model year between 2006 and 2010, adding up to a total of 1,627 vehicles.

A defect that appears over time in the lift’s roll stop latches could result in a wheelchair breaking free, rolling off the edge of the raised lift, and consequently injuring the wheelchair occupant.  This situation is the result of the bending of the aforementioned latches, which are meant to hold the roll stop in place.  However, this might not happen should the latches be bent out of shape, and so a wheelchair wouldn’t be stopped in place as it should.

Coach & Equipment is currently in the process of notifying affected users of the potential defect.  Once that notice has been received (there isn’t a date specified as to when this might take place), owners can bring their buses in for service.  The firm has stated that they will issue a free repair to be performed by Braun Dealers.  Anyone with questions should contact Coach & Equipment.