CPSC Spreading Word About Firework Dangers

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With Independence Day just around the corner, millions of people from across the country are going to celebrate by lighting off fireworks.  But with this form of celebration also comes a danger, as a new report illustrates.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has conducted a study that looked into the danger that exists when setting off fireworks.  They discovered, not surprisingly, that 65% of the injuries resulting from firework usage last year occurred within the 30 day window surrounding July 4th.  A total of 9,600 people sustained firework-related injuries, and an additional four people died tragically last year.

Those four deaths were the result of illegal devices which exploded and caused fatal damage to the head and face regions of the victims.  However, these types of devices were not those that most typically led to an injury.  That dubious distinction goes to fairly common (and often legal) fireworks such as firecrackers, aerial devices, and, believe it or not, sparklers.

Over half of all injuries occurred due to improper use or a premature explosion of the device, and head and hand burns are the most typical types of injuries inflicted.  To help educate consumers about the dangers that these devices pose, safety officials held a press conference at the Washington Monument.

Anyone purchasing fireworks is advised to obey all laws and regulations and to follow usage instructions that promote safety and accurate usage of the device.