203 Van Hool Vehicles Recalled for Fuel Line Defect That Poses Risk

Posted on June 29, 2012

Van Hool, which I reported last week had issued a recall on a number of their vehicles, is issuing another recall for a completely different safety issue.

This time, the vehicles being recalled are the C2045, the T2140, and the T2145 vehicles of model years 2011 and 2012 that have a Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine installed onboard.  203 vehicles fall within the purview of this latest recall.

It’s the aforementioned engines that pose the potential safety defect.  The engines contain a component called the pump to rail high pressure fuel line support system.  Unfortunately, when an owner takes the vehicles in to receive necessary repairs, the assembly torque exerted compromises this system.  Loosening can take place in the fuel line supports, which could lead cracks to form in the line and cause fuel to emanate from the structure.

The hazards this could pose are twofold:  the leaking fuel could drip onto a road and endanger any vehicles that roll over it, and if a fire takes place near the dripping fuel, a blaze can break out.  Either of these things would compromise vehicle safety.

ABC Bus, the dealer of the Van Hool vehicles, will get in touch with affected consumers.  This process should have started a couple weeks ago.  Owners can then bring their vehicles in, and should the problem be detected, the affected component will be replaced at no cost to the consumer.

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