Metal Fragment Threat Prompts Recall of Bay Valley Pasta Mix

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Bay Valley Foods has issued a recall of several of its pasta mix products. This recall affects approximately 74,000 units in total.  Each of the products that are affected by the recall were produced by an organization known as ST Specialty Foods.

A number of products fall within the purview of the recall, including Reggano Pasta Salad Classic Italian sold at Aldi, Food Club Pasta Salad Classics Ranch & Bacon sold at Mitchell Grocery and Mid Mountain Foods, and HEB Pasta Salad Ranch & Bacon sold at H-E-B.  A variety of other items also could pose a health risk.  Those additional items are too numerous to list here, but they were sold at Wal Mart, Aldi, Coborns, King Soopers, Kroger, and Meijer.

The recall was necessitated once Bay Valley Foods receive a notice of a potential hazard from one of their suppliers, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours.  This company is responsible for providing a seasoning blend used in the product, and this blend might have metal fragments which compromised the lactic acid component of the ingredient.  These metal fragments could potentially harm any users who consume the item.

Consumers are urged to destroy any of these items or return them for a complete refund.  Thankfully, there have yet to be illnesses reported in conjunction with this potential safety issue.