Man Pulled Over For Allegedly Going 134 MPH in Billings, Montana

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Police have arrested an individual because of an allegedly dangerous excursion that goes above and beyond the typical recklessness often seen along the roads.

The incident in question took place in Billings, Montana at around 10:30 at night on Sunday.  At that time, a Dodge Magnum was reportedly traveling along Highway 312.  An officer with the Montana Highway Patrol was in the area at the time, and had a radar gun set up in order to catch potential speeders.  When he clocked the Magnum, it was allegedly traveling at a staggering 134 miles per hour.  This speed was reached in a zone with a 50 mph limit.

The officer who clocked the Magnum then set about pursuing the individual.  He was able to track him into the city and pull the driver over to the side of the road.  The vehicle finally came to a stop in the area around Main Street and Pemberton Lane.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he allegedly discovered an individual passed out in the passenger seat of the car.  The officer ran a background check on the driver and was able to determine that the individual had warrants out for his arrest.  Thus, the driver of the Magnum was taken into custody and was charged on Monday with numerous violations.