12,000 PajamaGram Pajama Sets Recalled Because They Pose Burn Risk

Posted on June 29, 2012

All recalls are disheartening, but perhaps none are more so than an item that is used by children.

This next recall concerns a series of kids’ pajamas that were imported and distributed by PajamaGram, a company based out of Shelburne, Vermont.  Seven models fall within the scope of this recall, including boys’ and girls’ hoodies, a Lodge Fleece Set, a Sweetheart Hoodie Footie, an Infant Lodge Fleece one-piece, a Snuggle Fleece Argyle Set, and the Winter Whimsy Hoodie Footie.  Each of the 12,000 items being recalled will have the word PajamaGram on the clothing’s label.

The reason for the recall is that this clothing doesn’t conform to the standards set by the government as regards flammability.  Because the pajamas don’t meet these standards, the items would place a child in danger of experiencing a burn.  Thankfully, no incidents of this nature have come to the firm’s attention at this time.

The clothing was sold by Pajamagram via multiple outlets, be it over the phone, through a catalogue, or on their website.  Each of the items went on sale in September and customers were able to purchase them until this past March.  They cost anywhere from $26 to $40.

Anyone who knows their child has this item should have their kids cease wearing the clothing.  PajamaGram has pledged to let consumers exchange the item or simply provide a refund to concerned parents who get in touch with them.

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