TOMY Announces Car Seat Tech That Alerts Parents to Danger

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Car seat safety is an important topic, and all parents should understand the proper ways to strap their kids into their vehicles.  Now, one company has announced a technology that aims to make errors in car seat installation a thing of the past.

TOMY, the maker of the First Years brand of car seats, is extolling the virtues of a new technology called iAlert that actually monitors the car seat to determine if a dangerous situation is about to present itself.  This technology is being equipped in their First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat, which is meant for children between weights of five and 65 pounds.  Should a precarious situation be detected, the tech will send an alert to the parent’s smart phone.

The technology can apparently detect if the child is put in a position that could be injurious or deadly in the event of a crash or some other adverse event.  Such situations include if a rear-facing car seat was not installed at an angle that promotes safety in a crash or if the belt becomes dislodged while the parent or guardian’s vehicle is moving.

There are also situations not involving a crash where an alert can still be issued.  These situations can include a child being left in a vehicle that’s not moving or if the car seat begins to experience a heightened or lessened temperature that could pose a threat.