Electronic Cigarette Usage On The Rise Despite FDA's Concerns

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With awareness about the dangers of cigarettes more rampant than ever before, many people are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes as a way to wean themselves off of regular tobacco products.  But the Food and Drug Administration isn’t so sure that this is the most healthy way to go about quitting.

Electronic cigarettes work by way of a lithium battery that can be recharged.  This battery is used to power a cartridge that contains a variety of chemicals and nicotine, which are then mixed and vaporized so that they can be inhaled by the user.

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine discusses the increase in people who have started smoking electronic cigarettes in order to curb their smoking habit.  According to that article, more people have begun to search out electronic cigarettes for just this purpose than any other product.  The aforementioned study looked at 222 people, 31% of whom stopped smoking non-electronic cigarettes and 66.8% of whom reported an overall reduction in smoking.

The FDA, though, is not sold on the items’ use as a smoking cessation product.  They point to a lack of clinical studies and the presence of harmful chemicals.  The safety organization also worries that such products might be a gateway for children to begin smoking.  Due to these reasons, the FDA may soon exercise its option to further regulate electronic cigarette devices.