10,000 Cooper Tires Recalled Due to Contaminated Rubber Defect

Posted on June 14, 2012

Over 10,000 tires are being recalled because of the danger that their usage could pose to drivers.

The recall was announced by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and concerns Discoverer H/T tires, Discoverer LSX tires, and Mastercraft Courser HTR tires.  In addition to these affected products, a number of other brands not necessarily listed as Cooper tires could also suffer from the safety issue.  Those brands are the Del-Nat National A/S Commando and Delta A/S Sierradial, the TBC Sigma Stampede Radial SUV, and the Pep Boys Definity H/T tires.  A total of 10,236 tires fall within the purview of the recall.

Each of the recalled tires may have tread compounds produced using rubber that was contaminated.  This compromises the ability of the tire to convey a vehicle safely, because the tires could be at risk of undergoing a tread separation.  If this were to occur, it would obviously lead the driver to not be able to properly steer the vehicle, thus making a crash far more likely.

Anyone who has one of these tires in their possession should receive a notification starting tomorrow.  At that point, consumers will be able to bring their vehicles in to an authorized dealer.  Not only will the tires be replaced, but balancing and mounting will be provided when necessary.  All of this will be done for free.

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