UD Trucks Recalls 261 Vehicles For Braking Defect

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I have another vehicle recall to share with you today, and this one was necessitated due to the discovery that a defect could compromise the driver’s ability to apply the brakes.

The recall was announced by UD Trucks North America and concerns UD 3300 Trucks of model years between 2008 and 2010.  The recall affects those vehicles that come with a dual steering system.  A total of 261 vehicles fall within the bounds of the recall.

At issue is the fact that the secondary and the primary brake systems may not have been isolated from one another properly.  This likely would have come about while modifications were being made to the vehicles.  This loss of isolation brings the vehicles out of compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121, which specifies the requirements of air brake systems.

Without isolation, an air leak in either system becomes particularly dangerous.  The driver may completely lose the ability to put on the brakes when needed, thus posing a very distinct crash hazard.

UD Trucks has stated their intention to get in touch with the owners of the vehicles in question.  This should happen by July 15 at the latest.  Once contact is made, owners will be able to get the air brakes corrected.  It’s not clear from the announcement what this repair will consist of.