Collapse Risk Prompts West Marine to Recall 1,200 Deck Chairs

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A chair is being recalled due to the risk that it poses to consumers using it.

The item in question is the West Marine Deluxe Deck Chair manufactured by the Watsonville, California-based West Marine Products.  The chairs, which were produced in China, have wooden armrests and metal legs.  They’re blue and gray and have the SKU 13110341 on a tag that’s affixed to the frame of the chair.

Around 1,200 chairs in total are affected by the recall, which was necessitated once it was discovered that the items can collapse at weights less than what is suggested by a label concerning weight capacity.  This poses an injury hazard to the person sitting in the chair.  Six reports of this kind of incident have been brought to the firm’s attention.

The items were only available through West Marine, either via their retail locations, website, or catalogue.  They were sold across the country between February and March of this year, and at that time, they cost around $70.  Anyone who has this chair in their possession is being advised to cease sitting in it as soon as possible.  They can then bring the item in to a West Marine store to get store credit or a refund.  Additional questions should be directed to West Marine.