Brake actuator pump recall to include two additional flatbed trailers

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Two flat bed trailers manufactured by Elite Trailers Incorporated have been added to the ongoing list of trailers equipped Dexter Axle brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps that are being recalled due to a potential brake failure hazard. The Dexter Axle brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps installed on these two model year 2012 Elite Flatbed Trailers may not have been sufficiently heat treated during the manufacturing process, potentially causing the brake actuator pumps to be less durable than expected. Due to this possible manufacturing error, critical components necessary to the brake actuator pump’s operation may fail prematurely, possibly while the vehicle is in motion. If the brake actuator pump, which functions as the power supply for the trailer’s braking system, ceases to function, the brakes may fail, increasing the likelihood that the trailer will become involved in a traffic collision, possibly leading to severe injury or death. Elite Trailers Incorporated has announced plans to begin notifying the owners of the trailers included in this recall expansion in the near future. Consumers in possession of trailers equipped with potentially defective Dexter Axle brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps can return them to authorized Dexter Axle dealers, where the brake actuator pump will be replaced at no additional cost, if needed. More information on this expanded recall campaign can be obtained by contacting the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety hotline.