Undeclared Cashews in Oskri Peach Granola Prompts Recall

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Yet another item has had to be recalled because its label fails to disclose an ingredient that could cause an adverse reaction in certain people.

The Lake Mills, Wisconsin-based OSKRI Corporation announced the recall, which concerns its “Peach Granola” product.  The item in question was available in a 3.53 ounce plastic bag with a stamp on the upper righthand corner.  That stamp will read  “P 3/3/12, EXP 9/9/13, LOT 75.”  The potentially compromised items will have a UPC of 666016111743.

The recall was initiated because the granola in question may contain cashews but the packaging of the item does not say as much.  Anyone allergic to cashews who mistakenly consumes the item could be at risk of incurring a life-threatening allergic reaction.  Upon further investigation of the safety issue, it would appear that there was a breakdown in the production process of the item which led to the cashews’ presence.  The statement suggests this was only a temporary defect.

The items were available all across the country, where they were sold at various retail outlets and hubs of travel.  Consumers who think they may be in possession of this allergen-containing peach granola are being advised to return it to the same location where they originally bought it.  A full refund can then be issued.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Oskri’s quality department.