Dexter brake actuator pump recall expanded to include Belmont trailer

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The ongoing recall affecting trailers equipped with Dexter Axle Brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps has been expanded to include a trailer manufactured by the Belmont Machine Company. This recall expansion has been announced in cooperation with a request from the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in response to a potential brake failure hazard. The trailer affected by this recall expansion is a model year 2011 Belmont GN16LD trailer equipped with a Dexter Axle brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pump. The brake actuator pump model at the center of this ongoing recall may have been insufficiently heat treated during the manufacturing process, leading to a possible loss of durability. This potential manufacturing defect may cause the electric hydraulic brake actuator pump, which supplies power to the trailer’s braking system, to fail prematurely and unexpectedly. If this failure occurs while the trailer is in motion, the trailer’s braking system may fail, increasing the odds that it will become involved in a traffic collision that might cause serious injury or death. The owner of the 2011 Belmont GN16LD trailer affected by this recall has been notified of the potential safety issue by the manufacturer. Trailers equipped with Dexter Axle brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps affected by this ongoing recall may return them to authorized Dexter Axle dealers, where the brake actuator pump will be replaced with a sufficiently heat treated unit at no additional cost to the consumer.