FDA revokes Taylor Farms bagged salad mix recall

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The United States Food and Drug Administration has revoked the recall notice it originally issued for bagged salad mixes produced by Taylor Farms. Previously, the Food and Drug Administration requested Taylor Farms, a food distributor located in Salinas, California, announce a voluntary recall for its bagged salad mixes after inspectors from the Rhode Island Department of Health analyzed a sample of the product being offered for sale in a Florida restaurant and reported testing results indicating the bagged salad mix, imprinted with packaging codes STF138B4, STF138B3, STF137A3 and STF137A4 was contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. The following day, however, the Food and Drug Administration contacted Taylor Farms to report that the test results were erroneous. The bagged salad mix did not contain traces of E. coli, despite previous test results indicating that it did. The food company had already begun the recall process. Taylor Farms rescinded the voluntary recall notice, but not before it had lost a significant amount of money in the process, according to a statement issued by a company spokesperson. Both Taylor Farms and the restaurants supplied with produce by the company lost business and time because of the erroneous recall request, the statement said. A recall issued the week before for bagged baby spinach produced by Taylor Farms due to a potential salmonella contamination has not been rescinded however. A salmonella scare in 2011 prompted a recall notice for more than 3,200 cases of bagged salad mix produced by Taylor Farms.